Selecting The Right Round Vent for Reptile Terrariums

by Reptile Specialty
Round Vents for Reptile Terrarium Tubs Bins

What round vent is best for my custom terrarium?
Round vents come in a variety of options and colors. Almost all reptile related applications will use the “open screen” model for proper ventilation and to prevent escape. The other part of round vent design to take into consideration is the collar. There is a standard collar which would work for a thick material like wood or a tabbed version. The tabbed version is what most hobbyist use for their custom terrariums and reptile breeding tubs. There are two manufacturers we will look at to choose the right round vent for your needs.

Round Vents for Reptile Terrarium

Midget Louver
The LD Series is a visually appealing louver and used frequently for acrylic terrarium designs. The shoulder is a bit longer which makes it perfect for the application of glue. There are six tabs to make it far more secure but often removed when glue is used. The collar is a lot thicker, measuring 3/16” on a 2” round vent. This louver is great for thicker material like acrylic and abs plastic terrariums. You often see these round vents with tarantula terrariums.

Midget Louver LD Round Vent

Maurice Franklin Louver Co
The RST-100 is the go to for reptile breeders that use tubs or bins. The shorter shoulder and less tabs makes it perfect for adding vents to thin plastic. On a 2” round vent the collar is less than 1/8”. Color options are available in mill, white, black, and brown. Another difference from the other options is the visual reveal of the louver is stamped with the manufacturer name.

Maurice Franklin Round Vent



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