Rhacodactylus: The Complete Guide to their Selection and Care (Used B3)

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This book is signed by Allen Repashy! I have three other lightly used Rhacodactylus books. This one is in great condition. This is the book that the long-term hobbyist refers to as the "Rhac Bible" since it contains information on all 5 previous Rhacodactylus species.

Author: Philippe de Vosjoli, Frank Fast and Allen Repashy
Published: October 2003
Paperback: 296 pages and 250 color photographs
Publisher: Advanced Visions Inc.

Written by three of the most influential authors of the reptile community. Philippe de Vosjoli owns the publishing company, founded the magazine The Vivarium and owns giantgeckos.com. Allen Repashy has the largest collection of Rhacodactylus geckos in the world, owns Sunfire Dragon Ranch and T-Rex. Allen developed the most widely used Superfoods diet for the Rhacodactylus species. Frank Fast had multiple expeditions to New Caledonia and collected a number of giant geckos as well as rough-snouted geckos which produce offspring each year. There are many contributors to the book, which names are well known in the industry such as Kevin Dunne (Dragons Den Herpetoculture), Noe Perez (Noah’s Boas), Richard Spekner (Pet’acular Exotics), and Philip Tremper (Tremper’s Lizard Ranch). Photography contributors include Bill Love (Blue Chameleon Photography) and David Northcott (Nature’s Lens) Almost 300 pages of information regarding the care and husbandry of Crested Geckos, Chahoua, Gargoyle Geckos, Giant Geckos, Rough-Snouted Geckos and Sarasinorum. It is the most comprehensive book on the species to date. The leachianus section is broken down into two sections for Grande Terre and Henkeli with detailed information and pictures of all the different localities including Allen Repashy’s Snowflake line and information regarding sex determination with macro lens photographs. It is without question why the community refers to this book as the “Rhac Bible”.