Review: Pangea Fruit Mix Complete Crested Gecko Diet

by Reptile Specialty
Pangea Fruit Mix Crested Gecko Diet Review

Pangea Fruit Mix™ is a nutritionally complete Crested Gecko Diet. There is one product in the lineup that is a treat or mix in and it is the last one to be described below. PFMC came about to create a diet for frugivorous geckos that would not only be a highly palatable diet but also be nutritionally sound. Matthew Parks has invested a lot of time in researching anti-nutrients such as oxalates which contribute to poor egg quality, floppy tail syndrome and improper calcium absorption that causes weak bones. These ingredients include some fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, seeds, nuts and legumes. Phytates which bind to important minerals such as calcium and even iron have been avoided. You will notice some of the old crested gecko diets that are no longer available in the United States used ingredients that had these anti-nutrients.

The Pangea Fruit Mix line up is highly palatable making it a perfect food to mix with other diets for further diversity in food offering with all the same reliability. We recommend mixing PFMC into other diets by a 70/30 or 50/50 ratio (depending on palatability of the mix for your gecko) with any of the diets that offer Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) as a protein source. We highly recommend this to diversify the spectrum of Amino Acids made available. Crested Geckos eat a wide range of live prey in the wild from insects, small mammals, and even smaller lizards. As a Crested Gecko Diet PFMC is a complete stand alone gecko diet and will not need additional nutrients. However, offering a wide range of protein sources to mimic the gut content examined of geckos in the wild will not hurt. The latest version of the Insects formula and Breeder formula offers a mix of cricket meal and BSFL meal along with other protein sources.

Pangea Fruit Mix breeder FormulaPangea Fruit Mix Breeder Formula
A male and female will experience similar but unique issues during breeding season. Males typically do not eat as much and focus on courting the female. Females utilize protein, fat and calcium to produce eggs. This diet will address issues seen for both males and females during breeding. The diet was formulated with insect meal proteins from cricket and Black Soldier Fly Larvae which create a stimulated feeding response and a complex amino acid formula. Rounding out the protein sources is Micellar Casein which is a slowly digestible protein. Lastly is whey protein that is quickly digested for muscle growth. The flavoring in this gecko diet is Banana, Apricot and Guava.
Protein: 21% | Fat: 5.7%

Pangea Fruit Mix Insect FlavorPangea Fruit Mix™ With Insects
The most highly relished Crested Gecko DIet above all other formulas/flavors. The original formula included Insect Meal from Crickets. The new formula includes Cricket and Black Soldier Fly Larvae as the Insect Meal. Insect proteins are certified organic in the USA. Remember the complex amino acids I spoke of before. This diet is very similar to the breeder formula but the general analysis is more conservative than the Breeder formula. We have kept this formula in our regular rotation since 2016.
Protein: 22% | Fat: 4.2%

Pangea Fruit Mix Watermelon FlavorPangea Fruit Mix™ Watermelon-Mango
My geckos absolutely love the Watermelon formula. Flavored with Watermelon, Mango and Banana and a protein source consisting of Whey and Egg White which has been known to stimulate appetite and feeding response with any Crested Gecko Diet. The original Repashy formula and Clarks USA diet included this combination of proteins. This diet has the lowest fat content and average protein content so we usually recommend Watermelon PFMC as the diet MRP for overweight geckos.
Protein: 21% | Fat: 3.5%

Pangea Fruit Mix Apricot FlavorPangea Fruit Mix™ Banana-Apricot
This formula is our go to with any picky eater. In fact I do not have one gecko that does not like this flavor of PFMC. Flavored with Banana, Apricot, and Carrot and with the appetite stimulating protein combination of Micellar Casein, Whole Dried Egg, and Whey Protein Isolate. This gecko food is great for every species. Our hard to eat Mourning Geckos (Hawaii Type B) feed regularly on the Apricot PFMC. This diet was formulated with a higher fat content of all the Fruit Mix diets.
Protein: 21% | Fat: 5%

Pangea Fruit Mix Apricot FlavorPangea Fruit Mix™ Banana-Papaya
This crested gecko diet is flavored with over 50% Banana and Papaya fruit! This flavor combination makes for a great mix in with other diets. A very complex protein combination like the Apricot and Watermelon flavors, this formula includes Micellar Casein, Whey Protein Isolate, Whole Dried Egg.
Protein: 21% | Fat 4.5%

Pangea Fruit Mix Gecko TreatPangea Fruit Mix™ Gecko Treat
This is the treat that started Pangea on the path of a complete diet. It is an awesome treat or mix in to flavor up other diets. You can mix in 25% of the Gecko Treat to 75% of a complete diet from any brand. Very similar to the Banana Creme Pie by Repashy Superfoods.
Protein: 9% | Fat: 2.5%

Storage and Preparation of Pangea Fruit Mix

How long does Pangea Fruit Mix™ last?
PFMC is manufactured with an 18 month expiration date. The expiration date is stamped on top of the bag with designated date. An opened bag will last 6 months at room temperature and one year in the fridge when opened. Powder mixed with water will last 7 days. We recommend using premixed diet within 3 days if stored in the fridge.

How to prepare Pangea Fruit Mix for Crested Geckos
Mix one portion of PFMC with 2 or 3 portions of water. The use of a protein shaker cup or a condiment bottle will help to deliver the diet to large collections. Mixing with a 1:2 ratio will provide a thicker mixture and 1:3 ratio will be thinner and great for geckos that need more hydration. As a Crested Gecko Diet it will be similar to other diets in consistency.

Pangea Fruit Mix Instruction



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