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New Caledonian Geckos

New Caledonia is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean just east of Australia. The mainland is Grande Terre while there are a number of islets that surround it with the most commonly referenced being Isle of Pins (Pine Island), Belep, Nuu Ana, Nuu Ami, and Moro. The geography is divided in the center of Grande Terre with Mt Panie in the north and Mt Humboldt in the south. The coastline of the east is filled with lush forest vegetation and the coastline of the west is savannah. The habitat inbetween, often humid savannah, is inhabited by a number of different gecko species.

Our geckos for sale are all captive bred from geckos selected for color and physical traits such as structure. Captive bred and captive hatched in our facility with the highest regard for care. We follow a well balanced feeding regime with daily Crested Gecko Diet available and live feeder insects offered weekly. While our geckos in the past were incubated warm in the high 70s we now provide incubation in the low 70s for embryo development -- hatching well started geckos with proper development of structure.