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Gargoyle Geckos by Philippe de Vosjoli, Allen Repashy, Frank Fast

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Coauthored by Philippe de Vosjoli, Allen Repashy and Frank Fast - First Edition Paperback (2013)The first book authored by the famous trio who led an expedition on New Caledonia and established the now reclassified Rhacodactylus genus is now out of print and to follow is a series of books focusing on each of the five beloved species. First in the series is a resource on Gargoyle Geckos, initially imported in the 80s and bred by Tim Tytle. The Gargoyle Gecko is a robust species with a clumsy demeanor, variation in color and pattern and easily cared for. Over the last five years the popularity has respectably increased due in part to their similarity to the Crested Gecko in the previously mentioned traits. 155 pages with hundreds of color photos.

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