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resource-articlesReptile Specialty Articles offer information for anyone wanting to learn the basics; such as breeding and incubation practices, how calcium is processed, or what lighting to choose.

Selecting The Right Round Vent for Reptile Terrariums

by Reptile Specialty
Round Vents for Reptile Terrarium Tubs Bins
What round vent is best for my custom terrarium? Round vents come in a variety of options and colors. Almost all reptile related applications will use the “open screen” model for proper ventilation and to prevent escape. The other part of round vent design to take into consideration is the collar. There is a standard collar which would work for...

Selecting Reptile Lighting

by Reptile Specialty
reptile lighting guide
The benefits of reptile lighting go far beyond a natural day night cycle and actually aid diurnal reptiles with producing vitamin D3 for calcium absorption. Lighting has become a necessity for vivariums with live plants and animals to flourish. There are three features of reptile lighting that should be referenced before purchasing any...

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